How IoT Delivers Better Patient Care and Optimizes Healthcare Facility Operation

A White Paper from Schneider Electric

As our world becomes more connected, advanced technology is extending beyond patient care and into the hospital infrastructure itself. In particular, the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the standard of information delivery and decision-making with insight into facility data that can be used to improve operational efficiency, patient satisfaction and safety for all. This white paper will explore the trends affecting healthcare IoT adoption, best practices for implementation, benefits, and case studies of hospitals that are leading the charge into the future of modern healthcare.


How Secure Power Solutions Support Healthcare Facility Infrastructure Stability and Safety

A White Paper from Schneider Electric

Healthcare enterprises must meet a dual objective: provide excellent patient care while ensuring a productive, always-on facility. Within the context of standards and compliance, this white paper will explain the role of secure power in a healthcare facility's critical care processes, both medical and nonmedical. The paper will also discuss how healthcare facilities can achieve energy efficiency for improved performance and financial savings via integrated systems.


Building Resilient, Efficient Microgrids for Hospitals: from Design to Financing

A White Paper from Schneider Electric

Hospitals around the world are increasingly adopting microgrid technology to increase resilience and reduce energy costs. To optimize a microgrid solution, hospital teams must ensure accurate feasibility studies are done and distributed energy resources are properly sized. Modular architectures should be considered to help simplify microgrid design and installation, while reducing maintenance costs. All financing options, incentives, and operational models should be evaluated to reduce risks and maximize returns.


How New Microgrid Designs Help Hospitals Increase Resilience, Cut Costs, and Improve Sustainability

A White Paper from Schneider Electric

As hospital administrators reevaluate their facilitie's resilience against grid instability, many also face budgetary and environmental pressures. Microgrid technology is increasingly being used to further enhance uptime, while reducing energy spend and minimizing a facility's carbon footprint. The newest of these solutions integrate advanced energy analytics to more intelligently manage energy assets, from gensets and CHP, to renewables and loads.


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