Healthcare Design Conference 2019

Facilities & Project Management Track Quick Reference Guide

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Date: November 3-5, 2019

Location: Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans

Contact: gfischer@squarefootage.net


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AMFP's Facilities & Project Management Sessions at a Glance

Saturday, November 2, 2019

3:15-5:15 pm


Workshop #W06 - Healthcare in the Urban Environment: An Interactive Workshop

Prevention is as important as curing patients in improving the health and wellness of our communities. More and more the responsibility for healthy choices is being placed on the individual, which raises the broader question of how we can create a built environment and partnerships to better enable places to live, work and recreate. Through multiple rounds of brainstorming sessions, this two-hour workshop will blend skillsets and expertise in healthcare design, urban design and public health awareness. Outcomes from this session will be documented and presented after HCD as an online white paper.




Douglas King

AIA CSI NCARB ACHA, Principal, Stantec Architecture Inc.

Andrew Irvine

Senior Principal, Urban Design Discipline Leader, Buildings, Stantec


Sunday, November 3, 2019

9:30-10:30 am


Session #E10 - Activation: The Bridge to Clinical Operations

Activation! The bridge between construction completion and first patient. The often forgotten but critical process to a successful healthcare project. Depending on the scale of the building, activations can be simple or complex but are always critical. Activation is a high resource, transformative process that focuses on the transition from construction completion to the start of clinical operations. Activations integrate the building design and the organizational culture through careful planning, coordination and execution.

Join us to learn how Houston Methodist successfully opened The Walter Tower, a 22-story tower over 950,000 square feet of space in the Texas Medical Center. This presentation will walk you through the planning, coordination, sequencing, and challenges to ensure a successful transition to a functional hospital.




Sid Sanders

SVP, Construction/Facilities Design and Real Estate Management, Houston Methodist

Maggie Duplantis

MHA, BSN, RN, Director, Clinical Planning & Design, Houston Methodist

Jim Hicks

Masters of Architecture, VP, Capital Planning, Houston Methodist


Sunday, November 3, 2019

10:45-11:45 am


Session #20 - Think You Know How IoT will Impact the Healthcare Built Environment?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term frequently used today, yet this broad acronym can be somewhat confusing. This session will provide insight and examples for thinking of IoT in more common application terms within the healthcare built environment, such as predictive maintenance, condition-based monitoring and connected operations. With prices for sensors rapidly decreasing and manufactures providing more and more analytics data from their equipment, the abundance of data continues to grow exponentially. Gain actionable next steps for consideration in your organization’s journey in a connected intelligent healthcare infrastructure.




Brian Weldy

Vice President of Engineering, HCA Services

David Dean

Managing Director, SitelogIQ


Sunday, November 3, 2019

1:45-2:45 pm


Session #30 - How Much Escalation is Enough?

One of the most difficult parts of determining a project budget is deciding how much escalation to apply to the cost estimate. The construction industry has seen a rapid escalation in pricing this year, as well as challenges to supply and demand for the required goods or services. The panelists will discuss factors driving escalation in their region as well as how they're solving the challenges they are facing with limited resources.




Dave Kistel

Vice President, Facilities & Support Services, Lee Health

Patrick Casey

AIA, ACHE & ASHE, Executive Director – Office of Planning, Design & Construction, The University of Mississippi Medical Center

Bradley Pollitt

AIA, Vice President, Facilities, UF Health Shands Hospital

Rania Sadrack

Principal | Director of Healthcare Strategy, TLC Engineering Solutions


Sunday, November 3, 2019

3:00-4:00 pm


Session #E40 - Reimagining the ICRA/PCRA Process

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are dynamic environments, with numerous construction, renovation, and maintenance activities happening all the time -and numerous risks associated with those activities. In this presentation, you'll learn how a large health system in New York utilized an electronic system to perform its Pre-Construction Risk Assessment (PCRA). PCRA is an overarching program that includes the infection control risk assessment (ICRA), life safety and interim life safety measures, and a risk assessment program for utility impacts such as noise, vibration and indoor air quality. Learn where this PCRA/ICRA started and how it reduced HAIs and other risks associated with construction and maintenance activities.




Jared Shaprio

DrPH(c), PhD(c), MPH, CEM, CHSP, CHEP, HEM, NRP, System Senior Director Environmental Health and Safety, Montefiore Health System

Michael Pomarico

NCARB ASHE, CEO, Health Risk Technologies


Monday, November 4, 2019

9:45-10:45 am


Session #E50 - How to Crack the Life Cycle Versus First Cost Conundrum

The clash between life cycle and first cost never ends. Design, construction, operations, and finance have differing viewpoints. But does it have to be one or the other? Can you have both? This session addresses the issues, conflicts, solutions, and ways to navigate through the minefield of opposing interests.




David Park

Senior Vice President Real Estate & Construction, Novant Health

Alan Whitson

President, Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute


Monday, November 4, 2019

3:30-4:30 pm


Session #E60 - Transforming Healthcare Design: Evolution has Become Revolution

Technology, health intelligence, national policies and population health are creating a new expectation for the delivery of care. This isn't evolution: it's a transformational revolution. The speakers will share via a conversational approach their research and application perspectives on what is happening behind the scenes in key areas such as tactics, technology, business deployment, utilization of capital assets - and how your organization can integrate into this next-generational shift.




Ray Pentecost

FAIA, FACHA, LEED AP, Ronald L. Skaggs and Joseph G. Sprague Chair of Health Facilities Design, Director, Center for Health Systems & Design, Professor of Practice, Department of Architecture, Center for Health Systems & Design

Michael Wood

CHC, MSM, ARRT, Vice President, Construction, Medxcel


Monday, November 4, 2019

4:45-5:45 pm


Session #E70 - Ten Tips to Minimize Costs and Risks from Accessibility Issues in Mergers, Acquisitions, & Expansions

To avoid costly snags healthcare providers, building owners, architects, contractors, attorneys, and advisers must evaluate complex accessibility issues when converting existing buildings to medical use. Proper due-diligence averts surprises and delays, and ensures compliance when the first patient comes through the door.




Richard Kelly

RA, Senior Consultant, Jensen Hughes

Jessica Bellmann

Practice Leader, Healthcare, Jensen Hughes


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

8:15-9:15 am


Session #E78 - Designing for the Future: The Benefits of Modernization

"The United States has accumulated so many buildings that economic projections estimate that over the next 30 years more than twice as many will be renovated than newly constructed," commented Carl Elefante, FAIA, AIA President, in 2018. This presentation will walk listeners through one such complex modernization. The 400,000-square-foot expansion of The Children's Hospital of New Orleans will take approximately seven years, from master planning to completion, and will require 34 distinct phases, with minimal interim moves and no interruptions to day-to-day operations. To leverage its existing facility and preserve its committed presence within the historic Uptown District, The Children's Hospital has had to build a strong working partnership with a design and construction team. This session will highlight the decision to leverage the chassis of an existing healthcare facility and the logistical challenges associated with implementing that decision.




Wills Hover

Project Manager, The Lemoine Company

Matthew Schaefer

Chief Operating Officer, The Children's Hospital of New Orleans

David Deis

AIA, LEED AP, Project Director, EYP Inc


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

9:30-10:30 am


Session #E86 - Two Teams, One Voice: Unifying PDC and Facilities Teams to Generate Efficiencies

It's not uncommon for PDC and Facilities teams to operate independently, often in silos. The challenge most healthcare facilities face with that model is potentially dueling project updates to leadership, triggering a lack of confidence that a project is being completed correctly. Ensuring compliance on new construction is another ongoing challenge that could result in negative ramifications if these two teams are not aligned. Learn how to address these challenges, the potential impacts on healthcare facilities and how to overcome it by unifying these teams.




Eric Waller

CHFM, CHC, CHPM, LEED, Area Vice President, Medxcel

Jeremy Fortier

PMP, CHC, LEED AP, Regional Manager, Planning, Design & Construction, Medxcel


Tuesday, November 5

1:15-2:15 pm


Session #E94 - Securing Hospitals of the Future

The number of connected devices in buildings is growing at an ever-increasing rate, hand-in-hand with a rise in cybersecurity incidents. Healthcare facilities are rightly risk-averse and concerned about service interruptions, so as they deploy new technologies, they should be concerned about the cybersecurity aspect of operations. This presentation will offer insight into the primary threats that arise from a connected and digital facility ecosystem and what facilities managers can you to manage and protect their facilities and the data stored within them.




Jay Abdullah

CISSP, CISM, CISA, Global Director Cybersecurity Services, Schneider Electric


Catch These AMFP Hosted Sessions in Solutions Theatre on the HCD Expo Floor

Sunday, November 3, 4:30 to 5:00 pm

How to Handle Growth in an Exploding Market


  • Bill Elvey, Senior VP/Facilities & Construction, Children's Health
  • Dave Kistel, Vice President, Facilities & Support Services, Lee Health
  • Sid Sanders, SVP, Construction/Facilities Design and Real Estate Management, Houston Methodist

Sunday, November 3, 6:00 to 6:30 pm

Surfaces Matter, Truth Consequences and Triumphs


  • Andrea Hyde, Senior Project Manager, Stanford Health Care

Monday, November 4, 12:30 to 1:00 pm

Big Trends to Watch Out for in 2020 in Five Influential Regions


  • Rod Armstrong, President, AMFP North Texas
  • Rania Sadrack, President, AMFP Central Florida
  • Jennifer Patton, President, AMFP Chicago
  • Troy Stutz, President, AMFP Upper Midwest
  • Jon Inman, President, AMFP Northern California

Tuesday, November 5, 10:30-11:00 am

How To Design for a Safe Patient Experience


  • Cynthia Hubbell, VP/Healthcare & Senior Living, The Mohawk Group
  • Tom Morgan, Director/Healthcare Segment, Assa Abloy
  • Jessica O'Regan, Designer, Stantec


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