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  2020 IFHE Digest Now Available
  Gain Global Perspective on Facility Management with 2020 IFHE Digest
  December 13, 2019

IFHE Digest, the official magazine of the International Federation of Healthcare Engineering (IFHE), has published its 2020 issue. The magazine is available to AMFP members through the association's IFHE membership.

The 2020 edition of IFHE Digest features global insight on healthcare facility management best practices, with innovative perspectives on infection management, sustainability, and technology. Other topics include a call from IFHE president Darryl Pitcher for engineers to evaluate their impact on tackling healthcare's carbon footprint.

AMFP is the exclusive United States "A" member of the IFHE and a proud supporter of the international organization's work to bring healthcare facility management best practices from around the world together to improve critical spaces worldwide. As an IFHE member, AMFP gives its members opportunity to publish their perspectives in this global publication. To learn more about publication opportunities, reach out to Andy Wavell, Commissioning Editor of the IFHE Digest at grandyandy68@gmail.com or Walt Vernon, AMFP representative to IFHE, at walterv@mazzetti.com.

Read the full issue at
https://content.yudu.com/web/1u0jl/0A1urts/IFHEDigest2020/html/index.html .


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